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ver the years I have grown quite fond of peppers, not the icky green bell peppers that everyone puts on pizza and in chili ... the red-hot spicy kind! I love the kind of peppers that add real spice to whatever you're cooking.

eppers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and heats. A Scoville is the measurement of the chemical Capsaicin, which provides peppers with their spicy flavor. The more capsaicin, the HOTTER it is. And you can forget about killing that hot taste by gulping water or beer ... that's the worst thing you can do. Capsaicin is an oil; water and beer just spread it around. To cool the hot flavor from peppers, you need to down some milk or something dairy-oriented.

apsaicin causes a long-lasting selective desensitization to the irritant pain by repeated doses of a low concentration or a single dose of a high concentration. This is familiar to us 'chile-heads' as the ability to increasingly be able to eat hotter and hotter foods. Our taste buds basically build a tolerance to the chemical allowing us to eat spicy foods without them being spicy. That's why something that's not 'hot' to someone can be 'killer hot' to another. So be very careful when someone says "Try this, it's not hot" ... you never know if its gonna hurt you!

The Little Village

© Copyright 1997-2019 ,, ross computer group inc.

My Favorite Sauces
Here a few of my personal faves.

What's a Scoville Unit?
Just how are hot peppers measured??

Growing Rules
Important rules if you want to grow your own.

Cooking Tips
A few tips of what to do with your peppers.

That Elusive Pepper High
Ever wonder why you're addicted to peppers??

Email the Pepperman
Email me if have a comment on the page.







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The Little Village

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