Peppers are something that even a novice can grow successfully. Below are a few rules to follow when attempting to grow your own hot things.

Rule #1
Start as early as you can if you are growing them outside, preferably February. Yes, that's right, February. Some of the pepper seeds are very slow to germinate, especially habanero peppers.

Rule #2
Plant 5 times as many seeds as you want plants. Just like our little sperm buddies, a lot of these guys just don't make it. So make sure and plant plenty of seeds or you may not have anything to show for your hard work.

Rule #3
In early spring, when the guys are 4-6 inches tall, place them outside in small starter pots. Don't start them outside too fast though ... give them an hour of sunlight the first day, 2 the second, 4 the next ... etc. On the 5th or 6th day, you can plant them in the ground and make sure to find the sunniest spot you have. Pepper plants love the afternoon sun more than anything.

Rule #4
Water them when you first put them in the ground but don't water them again for a week. Continue to be stringent with the water, peppers will develop more flavor when you stress them with a good drought. But don't overdo it, you can still kill them you know. Give them generous amounts of water every 10 days or so ... if they're drooping to the ground, you might want to shorten the watering cycles. The more stress you give them, the more capsicum will be generated and that directly translates into flavor!

Rule #5
Miracle Grow is perfect for fertilizing the peppers although you may not need to do so at all. Also, spider mites love peppers as much as you do. You might want to use Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Soap diluted in some water and sprayed on the leaves.

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